B​eekeeping with a Heart of Gold...

We are a full service beekeeping company out of Cypress, Texas.

Primary Services We Offer:

     1)  Local Raw Honey
     2) Live - Honey Bee Removal Service
     3) Beehives for Sale

••• Local Raw Honey •••
••• Live Bee Removal •••
••• Beehives for Sale •••
Cypress, TX  -  Urban Honey
Pattison, TX  -  Wildflower Honey
Magnolia, TX  -  Forest Honey
Shiner, TX  -  Central, TX Honey
(quantities vary)

For 5 years we have been servicing the Houston Area offering our: 
 Live - Honey Bee Removal Service
2018 What's NEW?
Warranty? Yes  Liability Insurance? Yes
We offer beehives to include, hives overwintered, recently split w/ self-generated queens, splits w/ purchased "genetic-specific" queens, and of course our resuce hives (after they are self-sustainable), typically 1 season.
Live - Honey Bee Removal
Typically, jobs cost  $400-$600  to safely remove bees from your structure, and this does not include repairs;
In-Person quotes   $60.00 and we discount 100% from your bill when you hire us.  Free over-the-phone quotes.

Beekeeping in the 21st Century
If you have any questions, please reach out to us and we will do our best to assist you.  Check us out on Facebook:
or call/email me directly:
Phone: 832.229.3704    jakebeekeeping@gmail.com