Saving Honey Bees Since 2013

Bee Removal Cost       $400-$600
With Repairs Add another       $100-$250
         (warranty included with repairs)
TIME FRAME: Takes 1-3days to complete, however most take only 2 days. 

WAIT TIME - Generally, less than a week!

*African Bee Removals We Charge A Premium

Bee Removal

Timelapse of a Colony that moved in within 24 hours of Customer noticing the swarm! Clicky Photos for Close up

  1. What You May See
    What You May See
  2. Entrance Hole
    Entrance Hole
  3. Removed Board
    Removed Board
  4. Removed Bricks
    Removed Bricks
  5. New Occupants
    New Occupants
  6. Bees Scattering
    Bees Scattering
  7. Inside The Structure
    Inside The Structure
  8. Removed Comb
    Removed Comb
  9. No Bee Left Behind
    No Bee Left Behind
  10. Bees In Cage
    Bees In Cage
  11. Into The Hive
    Into The Hive
  12. Saved Honey Bees
    Saved Honey Bees