Sweeter side of Life...

All the honey is processed by uncapping frames and spinning them in a stainless steel honey extractor or the honey comb is hand squeezed and then ran through a mesh strainer with two layers of cheesecloth.

  1. Frames Of Honey
    Frames Of Honey
  2. Cross-Comb Frame
    Cross-Comb Frame
  3. Extractor
  4. Then...To The Market
    Then...To The Market
  5. Uncapping a Frame
    Uncapping a Frame
  6. Display in Salon
    Display in Salon
  7. Bees in a Cage - Themal
    Bees in a Cage - Themal
  8. Queens in a Cage
    Queens in a Cage

The Extraction Process Clicky Photos for Close-Up