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         W elcome to: No Bee Left Behin​d 

So Work the Honey Bees, Creatures, that by   a Rule in Nature, Teach   The Art of Order to a   Peopled Kingdom.

Make Haste, Slowly.           
--L.L. Langstroth 

Honey Stand Location

HWY 290 and Bauer Rd.
Open Weekends - from around noon until dark

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Enjoy tasting the many different seasons through the various types of raw honey we harvest here locally in Cypress TX. Including several seasons and shades honey.  Our honey is gently filtered and never heated like the traditional honey you will find in stores.  Many people search for local hard to find authentic, raw honey.  If you are one of these people you are in the right spot.

We specialize in the production of local, raw honey and honey combs.  Depending on the time of year, you may find honey that include the following dominant  nectars: Tallow, Clover, Mesquite/Yaupon, and Goldenrod. Additionally, we work closely with landowners to help them maintain their Ag-Exemptions as well as offer Nuc's available for sale.


About Us

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