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         W elcome to: No Bee Left Behin​d 

So Work the Honey Bees, Creatures, that by   a Rule in Nature, Teach   The Art of Order to a   Peopled Kingdom.

Make Haste, Slowly.           
--L.L. Langstroth 

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Honey Stand Location

HWY 290 and Bauer Rd.
Open Weekends - from around noon until dark

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About Us

Savor the unique taste of each season through our diverse range of raw honey, harvested right here in Cypress, TX.  Our collection features various shades and seasonal varieties, each offering a glimpse into the natural floral essence of our region. Unlike commercially available honey, ours is gently filtered and never heated, preserving its natural nutrients and flavors. Are you searching for authentic, hard-to-find raw honey? Look no further. You've arrived at the perfect destination for pure, unprocessed honey that truly represents its local environment.

At No Bee Left Behind, we take pride in producing local, raw honey and honeycombs, each reflecting the distinct flavors of the seasons found in Houston, TX. Our offerings include unique varieties such as Tallow, with its rich, buttery essence; Clover, known for its sweet and floral notes; Mesquite/Yaupon, offering a bold, earthy flavor; and Goldenrod, famous for its robust and spicy profile. Additionally, we work closely with landowners to help them maintain or acquire their Ag - Exemption, and also offer Nuc's for sell to aspiring beekeepers. 

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