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Meet Jake Lavine:

Passionate Beekeeper and Local Honey Advocate

Since his initial foray into the world of beekeeping at the Eastern Apicultural Society Conference at the University of West Chester, Pennsylvania in 2013, Jake Lavine has transformed his curiosity about bees into a profound passion.  His commitment to providing local, raw honey distinguishes him within the industry. Jake founded his company in early 2018, following years of exceeding customer expectations with live bee removals, embodying the principle that No Bee "should be" Left Behind!

Today, No Bee Left Behind has shifted its focus from bee removal services to manage their many apiaries.  Jake collaborates closely with local landowners, assisting them in maintaining their Agricultural Exemptions while offering a sanctuary for his honey bees.

Visit The Honey Stand on weekends from noon until dusk all year long, located on the south side of Hwy 290 & Bauer Road.  Discover the dedication behind every jar of our honey.

A    Local    Apiary    &     The    Honey    Stand

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