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     Jake Lavine is a unique beekeeper who has put his own individual spark into the industry ever since 2013, when he traveled to the university of West Chester Pennsylvania to attend The Eastern Apicultural Society Conference.  What began as a curious adventure into the world of bees, would later develop into a deep passion for the honey bee.  His love and desire to provide local, raw honey to the community sets him apart from other individuals in the same industry.  He officially incorporated in early 2018.  This was after doing live bee removals for many years when Jake routinely exceeded customers' expectations when No Bee "was" Left Behind!


     No Bee Left Behind no longer provides honey bee removal services and instead focuses solely on managing apiaries.  Jake works hand-in-hand with locals to help them maintain their Ag-Exemption, while they provide a safe haven for his honey bees. 


       The Honey Stand is open weekends, from around noon until dark all year long, located on the south side of Hwy 290 & Bauer Road.  

A    Local    Apiary    &     The    Honey    Stand

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