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     Jake Lavine is a unique entrepreneur that has put his own spark into the beekeeping industry here in Houston, Texas.  Since meeting with experts from around the country at Eastern Apiculture Society in 2013, at The University of West Chester Pennsylvania, Jake Lavine, has dedicated his time and energy to taking care of honey bees.  No Bee Left Behind, LLC was officially incorporated in early 2018 as Jake's beekeeping endeavors became more and more expansive.

     No Bee Left Behind is a safe haven for honey bees.  No Bee Left Behind began as a honey bee removal company but now no longer offers Honey Bee Removal Services.  We exclusively produce local honey and sell Nuc beehives available from Mid March to October.  We have expanded to the point were each of our established beehives need our time, dedication and love.  Each Nuc we sell comes with with a newly mated 2022 queen and are often marked.   We pride ourselves in taking care of the bees we have saved and the ones we currently care for.   

       The Honey Stand is open every weekend, weather permitting, on Bauer Rd & Hwy 290

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