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Discover the Purest Local Raw Honey at Our Honey Stand

Every weekend at the Honey Stand, we offer our locally sourced, raw honey, which is never heated or pasteurized to ensure all the beneficial nutrients are preserved.  Unlike typical grocery store honey, which is often heated and stripped of its natural pollen, our honey retains its full, natural goodness.  We adhere to strict harvesting and bottling processes to maintain the honey's integrity, ensuring it never exceeds the natural temperatures found within a wild hive.

Each batch of our honey is routinely analyzed for pollen content and meticulously bottled by hand.  Our commitment to quality is evident in every bottle, personally inspected to guarantee only the finest honey makes it to your table.  We're proud to hold a trademark for our Medium bottle in the state of Texas, a sign of our authenticity and unmatched quality.

Our honey is harvested exclusively from hives we manage directly, providing full transparency about its origin.  Available for purchase in person at the Honey Stand or by pre-arranged pickups with Jake, our Medium jars are priced at $20 and contain 11 to 12 ounces of honey.  Enjoy a $5.00 DISCOUNT PER BOTTLE on your next purchase when you return your used bottles.

Explore our range of jar sizes, from the largest offering exceptional value at under $1 per ounce, to smaller options perfect for tasting.  Below, you will find images of our trademarked Medium jar of honey.

(weekends only)
From Around Noon until Dark

Location of the Honey Stand (weekends only) (weather permitting)
Different Shades of Honey
A frame of honey bees
Our $20 Bottle - $5 Off when you return a bottle
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