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We offer local, raw honey for sale almost every weekend at the honey stand.  Our honey is never heated or pasteurized, guaranteeing all the "good stuff" stays in the honey.  Honey you typically find in the grocery store has been heated and stripped of all of it's pollen.  We take meticulous care when harvesting and bottling our honey to make sure it is never heated hotter than a hive would be  ordinarily in the wild.  Our honey is routinely analyzed for the pollen content, hand bottled and personally inspected to make sure every jar we sell is of the finest quality.    We have a trademark in the state of Texas for our Medium bottle, so when you see the bottle pictured below you can be guaranteed it came from our organization and it will be of superior taste and quality.  All of our honey is harvested from hives we personally manage, eliminating any guesses one may have about the true origin of their honey.  You can only buy our honey in person at the honey stand or by arranging with Jake a time to pickup.  The Medium jars cost $20 and hold (11 to 12 ounces) of honey.  When you return a bottle we give you $5.00 OFF PER BOTTLE, on your next purchase.  Below are pictures of our Medium "trademark" jar.  We also have larger and smaller jars available, the largest being under $1/ounce.

(weekends only)
From Around Noon until Dark

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