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Locally Raised Nucs and Honey Bees for Sale

We proudly offer locally raised Nucs and Honey Bees, with quantity discounts available for bulk purchases. Please contact us for more details.

Availability: Our Nucs are available annually from mid-March through October, featuring a newly mated queen and nice brood patterns from the new queen.

Guarantee: Each Nuc is guaranteed to include a productive queen, exhibiting a strong laying pattern and eggs from the new queen.

Inspection: Hives should be inspected upon pickup. If not inspected, they are assumed to include:

  • 4-Frame Nucs: Priced at $220, includes three frames of brood and one feed frame.

  • 5-Frame Nucs: Priced at $260, includes four frames of brood and one feed frame.

Special Offer: Receive a $20 discount on each Nuc when bees are transferred directly into your Langstroth box at the time of purchase.

*Note: Nucs are typically sold in a corrugated Nuc box unless otherwise specified.

A Nuc of Honey Bees
A Queen Bee
A marking cage, queen bee
A grafted larva, soon to be queen cell
A grafted queen cell
Honey Bees Bearding
Queen Cell Frame
Can you find the queen bee?
A frame of brood
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