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We charge $350/per hive/per year.  Most counties require bees to be placed on the property for 7 out of 12 months during the year.  So, in order to qualify for any given year, we would need to place bees on the property before the end of May.  We service Cypress - Harris County, Hempstead/Pattison - Waller County, Bellville - Austin County and Columbus/Weimar - Colorado County.  If you need a surrounding area serviced, we can help get you beehives with one of our local, beekeeping partners.


The pricing includes routine maintenance trips to check on the bees, feed, treatments and any necessary replacement of hives lost during the course of the year.   We must have unrestricted access to the bees to tend to them, typically 8-10 times a year, and we notify the landowner before we intend to stop by.  There is also a $100 move-out charge per hive if and when you choose to end the contract.  


We also have another option where the property owner can purchase Nuc hives and maintain the hives themselves.  We sell Nucs transferred into your equipment for $200 consisting of (3) frames of brood and (1) feed frame.  If you need these delivered there is an additional $50/hive applied to the cost.  


We maintain only single stack hives at Ag-Exemption properties and do not harvest any honey from your exact location.  However, we do offer quarts to our customers for $20/quart from one of our surrounding apiaries in years of good harvests (this pricing is for Ag-Exemption customers only).

Also, your land will have to be Ag exempt otherwise this process will take (5) years before the land qualifies for the exemption.  The bees must accessible by truck, located in full sunlight, in close proximity to a water source/trough etc... (typically 50 feet), and not in a flood zone.


Please forward your address to us and let us know if you would like to schedule an appointment to discuss the bees and your property in more detail.

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