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Comprehensive Beehive Management Services

Annual Service Fee: We offer beehive placement and management services for an annual fee of $350 per hive.  To qualify for an agricultural exemption in any given year, bees must be placed on your property by the end of May, as most counties require bees to be present for at least 7 months of the year.

Service Areas: We currently serve Cypress - Harris County, Hempstead/Pattison - Waller County, Bellville - Austin County, and Columbus/Weimar - Colorado County. For surrounding areas, we collaborate with local beekeeping partners to ensure service availability.

Inclusive Services: The fee includes routine maintenance visits (8-10 times per year) to check on the bees, provide feed and treatments, and replace any hives lost during the year.  We ensure to notify property owners prior to our visits and require unrestricted access to the bees for proper maintenance.

Termination Fee: Should you decide to end the contract, a move-out fee of 10% of the annual lease agreement applies, unless you lease bees for 2 years or more.

DIY Option: For property owners interested in managing their own hives, we offer Nuc's for $200 each, transferred into your equipment, consisting of three frames of brood and one feed frame.  Delivery incurs an additional charge of $50 per Nuc.

Ag-Exemption Specifics: We primarily manage single-stack hives on properties with agricultural exemptions and may not harvest honey from these specific locations.  However, during years of good harvest, we offer quarts of honey for $20-$25 each from your or surrounding apiaries exclusively to our Ag-Exemption clients.  Annual fee discounts apply for people in the process of acquiring the Ag-Exemption, however an annual bonus payment applies once the exemption is acquired.

Site Requirements: Your land will have to be Ag-Exempt otherwise this process will take (5) years before the land qualifies for the exemption.  The bees must be accessible by truck, positioned in full sunlight, within 50 feet of a water source, and outside of flood zones

Get Started: Please provide your address and contact us to schedule a detailed discussion about integrating bees into your property's ecosystem.

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